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About Us

We Advise, You Decide

Supporting international trade and partnerships. Cathaylex is a boutique business law firm focusing on assisting clients engaged in international trade, cross-border partnerships and overseas investments. Equipped with an in-depth knowledge of the complexities of international business activities, we support your activity by helping you manage investment and operational risks so that you can dedicate internal ressources to your core business.

Qualification. As member of the Paris Bar Association (Avocat au Barreau de Paris), we are qualified to advise under French law, and also have extensive work experience in other jurisdictions.

Legal Expertise Combined to Business Experience

Our focus in on projects. We aim to become an operational partner for our clients, to offer collaborative support adequately tackling the constraints they face to identify realistic solution together. We cater for the needs of legal partners from other countries, heads of legal responsible for securing and international transactions as well as business managers overseeing the deployment and facing the risks of multinational projects.

Legal knowledge as a tool for commercial success. We never forget that our legal expertise must service a business project in which the applicable legal rules can be complied with in a reasonable and rigorous manner.

Our experience. The Firm is able to draw on extensive first-hand experience in handling international transactions, having worked on the ground in countries throughout the Eurasia territory (China, Central Asia, Russia). We have developed a service offer tailor-made for the needs of French or foreign companies actively participating in the global trade, that matches the conditions to operation in challenging jurisdictions with a distinctively different approach to the European legal culture.

Service Offer and Professional Network for Optimized Solutions

Integrated service, cost control. At Cathaylex, we are committed to providing the best services to our clients, and understand that cost control is a priority. To achieve this, we have worked on defining a fully integrated service that includes legal assistance, but also the expertise and ancillary services that each case may require.

International assistance. In order to provide a response that directly works for them, we offer legal assistance and business support in several languages to match our clients’ communication language and internal channels of reporting for a project.