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Practice Areas

Cathaylex is dedicated to accompanying clients engaged in international transactions and global trade, whether it be in an cross-border sale of goods or services, partnerships overseas or infrastructure projects in new markets.

We accompany you to define and implement sustainable projects that aim for long-term partnerships, shared benefits and growth, and strive under corporate and environmental responsibility. Our expertise covers the main areas of law necessary to conduct inbound and outbound foreign trade and investments, including:

Corporate & Investments Law

We cater for the legal needs of our clients regarding the establishment of corporate entities to host their activities in France, starting from a mere commercial presence up to the incorporation of registered companies and operating subsidiaries, corporate follow-up and all subsequent transformations such as mergers, acquisitions, split or winding-up of your business. When the investment is located overseas, we liaise with local law firms to ensure that all corporate and foreign direct investment rules are cleared and efficient governance rules are determined.

Commercial Law, Contracts and Transactions, Project Financing

Our firm helps prepare and negotiate agreements in support of commercial activities and cooperation projects with your partners and customers: supply and operation contracts, industrial services, sale and distribution, construction. Our service offer is geared towards ensuring operational efficiency, and aims to systematically prioritise risk management in a manner that is relevant and proportionate to the issues on the ground. What we provide is full support when deploying a business strategy, factoring in your work requirements in respect of your project to maximise efficiency, so that you can focus the company’s internal resources on your core business.

Transportation Law and Foreign Trade Logistics

We provide assistance in negotiating and factoring transportation agreements in the entire range of freight transportation activity, and help clear regulatory formalities in connection with the international circulation of goods.

International Staff Mobility, Foreign Personnel & Expatriates

Project staffing is one of the greatest stakes in a successful partnership. We work to simplify the implementation of operational projects where foreign personnel is deployed, to bring together all stakeholders including business partners and local agencies in order to secure regulatory approvals as required by the law. We also help craft adequate expatriation and impatriation contracts and packages.

Dispute Resolution

No service is complete unless you can offer assistance when a client is most at risk. This is why we are committed to accompany our clients including in times when they face a conflict, starting with negotiating to avoid an escalation and up to litigating before the French courts or during arbitration proceedings. We always favour alternative means of dispute resolution (such as mediation and amicable consultations) with a view to protect the overall project during the discussions to resolve a concern, and uphold the long-term partnership of the parties.