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Service Terms

Service Charge

Engagement terms and services follow-up. Prior to any diligence, a written fee agreement will be entered into with our client containing stipulating our agreed terms for the scope of our mission, fee calculation or method as well as the billing and payment terms. For all files, we provide to our clients a detailed invoice regarding the nature, duration and cost of our services rendered.

Fee policy and Rates. Our fees are normally charged on an hourly basis (current rates available upon request). Depending on the nature of the case at hand, a fixed fee or a capped amount may be offered.

Initial consultation. Following preliminary contacts with a new client, we will normally arrange for an initial meeting in order to evaluate whether we can provide legal assistance on your file, formulate our opening advice regarding your situation and submit a financial proposal for our services. We will charge a lump sum fee within a range of 120 – 240 EUR (tax inclusive) for this initial meeting, depending on the complexity of file and the duration of the meeting. The meeting will take place at our offices or, alternatively, a consultation via telephone or secured video conferencing system can be arranged.

General Terms of Service and Data Protection

Please switch to the French version of this page to access a copy of our General Terms of Services and Personal Data Protection Policy (also available in English).